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Cowboy Connect

Cowboy Connect

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Enhanced connectivity

In addition to included core connectivity, experience the cutting-edge technology of the ultimate connected e-bike. 

Core connectivity

Connectivity is built into the bike to unlock automatically and navigate with you, with easy access to ride essentials and stats

Share My Ride

Your friends and loved ones can follow your ride in realtime and you'll see their reactions along the way until you arrive

Crash Detection

The bike detects if you're ever in an accident to automatically alert your emergency contacts and share your live position

Predictive Alerts

Ride well informed with battery charge reminders and live air quality updates, and when you might want to share your ride with a friend

Safety Alerts

When a crash hotspot or dangerous crossroad is detected, you'll be alerted to ride through with caution

Health and fitness

Automatically sync your rides with Apple Health and Strava integration and complement your ride with the Apple Watch and Wear OS apps

Ride Analysis

Deeper analysis after each ride informs you of details like calories burned, human-motor power output and battery consumption

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