We offer two standout models with multiple color variants that redefine urban ebiking. Cowboy ebikes combine sleek design and high-quality materials with cutting-edge technology. Choose the one that suits your style, and start your adventure today.

Cowboy Cruiser, Classic and Cruiser ST

At our store in Amsterdam we have these models in stock and ready to pickup, fully ready for you to hit the streets of Amsterdam. Designed with an integrated cockpit, removable battery, and Cowboy's AdaptivePower™ technology.


Cowboy ebikes

Why choose a Cowboy?

Premium Materials

Engineered to the highest standard, each bike is crafted with over 200 custom details. The bikes are built with premium materials that are durable, lightweight, and reliable.

Integrated Technology

The Cowboy app predicts your autonomy based on your riding behavior. You're always in the know about when it's time to recharge or switch to power saving mode. In addition, the app offers GPS tracking and alerts if your bike moves without you.

Performance and Range

Designed to perform, Cowboy Bikes offer a consistent power level to maintain top speed or gain an extra push when needed. With a charging time of just 3.5 hours, you can enjoy a ride range of 40 - 80 km depending on riding conditions.